August 8, 2023

Baltimore’s Novel Microdevices, Inc. Awarded $1.4M NIH RADx® Funding for Point-of-Care RT-PCR Test

While it has been a challenging funding climate in MedTech this year, the team at Novel Microdevices, Inc. in Baltimore, continues to capture awards to advance their cost-effective, portable, rapid, multiplexed, and easy-to-use PCR testing solution for infectious diseases and more. 

Revolutionary Technology

Novel Microdevices’ rapid point-of-care diagnostic is designed for portability, weighing only four pounds. It is battery-powered, making it particularly suited to low resource settings and low-and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The molecular testing platform implements polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology on a disposable cartridge. The patient sample is added to the cartridge, which is then inserted into the Novel Dx system, which analyzes the genetic sequence of cells to identify disease and the presence of genetic mutations known to make bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

How it Works

Lab Quality and Clinically-Actionable Results in Minutes

The Novel Dx device detects the genetic material of pathogens using Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques (NAAT). These are the same methods utilized by clinical reference laboratories. Novel Dx delivers lab-quality results in under 15 minutes so patients are tested, diagnosed, and treated in the same visit.

The Novel Dx System and Diagnostic Assays are in development and not available for sale

Product Features


Equivalent to lab test
Antibiotic stewardship = savings


Can detect extremely low levels of pathogens


Weighing <4 lbs; Battery powered

Easy to use

Automated, designed for CLIA waiver 


Multiple targets per test


Results displayed in ~15 minutes


Extremely Low Instrument and Cartridge Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Multiple sample types

Detects a wide range of pathogens from multiple sample types


Synced to Novel Dx Cloud


stackable design for increased throughput

Results in less than 15 minutes

Novel Microdevices provides fast, simple and accurate results in less than half an hour instead of days.

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