NovelDx provides fast, simple, and accurate results in less than 15 minutes

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Point-of-care diagnostics ensure quick turnaround on results so that action can be taken immediately rather than waiting days for traditional lab results

Rapid, Self-contained, Sample-to-Answer Assay

  • Integrated lysis for hard-to-lyse organisms, such as fungi. Just add the unprocessed patient sample into the cartridge.
  • Integrated solid-phase nucleic acid extraction for high sensitivity.
  • System is compatible with both PCR and isothermal amplification.
  • Self-contained, single-use cartridge prevents carryover contamination.

Innovative Assay Automation

  • Underlying assay automation technology is simple, robust and reliable.
  • Dramatic reduction in size, weight and cost.
  • Microfluidic technology integrates and automates all processes into a single-use cartridge.

The Novel Dx System and Diagnostic Assays are in development and not available for sale

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